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Regionmuseet Skåne’s largest exhibition space are located at Stora torg in the centre of Kristianstad. Here you can visit both permanent and temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

You can also enjoy a coffee in the museum café and buy gifts for yourself or others in the museum shop. In the same building we also house Kristianstads konsthall (the Kristianstad Municipality Art Gallery), which shows current Swedish and international art.

A short distance away is Filmmuseet (the Film Museum), which is located in Sweden’s oldest feature film studio, and Järnvägsmuseet (the Railway Museum). Regionmuseet Skåne also includes Åhus Museum, three lovely outdoor museums and Torpet Månsas.

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Regionmuseet i Kristianstad (The Regional Museum in Kristianstad)

Entrance: 125 SEK

The Japanese photographer Masayoshi Sukita is responsible for several of the most iconic images of David Bowie. The photographer’s work is on display at Regionmuseet Skåne in a comprehensive exhibition. With more than 100 photographs from the early 1970s, the exhibition provides a unique insight into the collaboration between Masayoshi Sukita and David Bowie.

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Entrance: Free

7 kg of iron is an exhibition about the possibilities of iron and the love of forging. The exhibition aims to show what ironworking is by explaining the entire forging process, from raw material to finished work of art. Nine blacksmiths have been given the task of working a cubic centimetre of iron according to their unique ideas.

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Entrance: Free

Carl-Erik Sandelin’s collection consists largely of silver from the Kristianstad region with its long tradition of silver craftsmanship. A tradition that can be traced back at least to the 16th century.

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We also offer several permanent exhibitions at the Regional Museum focusing on the history of Skåne and Kristianstad. Admission to these exhibitions is also free

Kristianstads konsthall (the Kristianstad Municipality Art Gallery)

Entrance: Free

During the spring and summer, Kristianstads Konsthall is showing an exhibition with the artist Claes Hake; the sculptor and draughtsman whose monumental arches and vaults adorn public places around Sweden, Europe and the USA.

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Järnvägsmuseet (the Railway Museum)

Entrance to the museum: Free
Tickets for train rides cost between 20-50 SEK

An exhibition about Ljunggrens verkstad, the Kristianstad company that until the 1920s manufactured everything from balcony railings and distillery equipment to steam engines and railway carriages.

Åhus Museum

Entrance: Free

At Åhus Museum this summer you can see a historical exhibition about a strange fish, surrounded by mystery and unanswered questions. Accompany us on an exciting journey through the history of the eel!

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