The Railway Museum of Kristianstad

En järnvägsvagn i dunkel miljö, ska föreställa om natten under stjärnhimmel.

For alot people trains are something special, some love to travel by train and some love the trains and locomotives. The Railway Museum has something for everbody.

Located at the former station Kristianstad South, the Railway Museum is open during the summer months. The museum contains something for everyone – families with children as well as train buffs. In the museum's railyard, open year-round, you can see station buildings, locomotives, wagons and railroad artifacts from a bygone era. Each summer a new exhibition complements the permanent exhibition.

Free admission.


Västra Storgatan 74, 291 54 Kristianstad


Opening hours

June 24
June 25–August 31
September 5, 6, 12 and 13
11 am – 5 pm