The Great Garbage Room Pleasure

En skiss på utställningen Det stora soprumsnöjet.

Visitors to the Kristianstad Center for Contemporary Art this summer enter a large, playful, colorful installation. It is Christoph and Sebastian Mügge’s artistic interpretation of a fictional rubbish room, and is constructed with recycled material from the municipality of Kristianstad.

The artists have created a total amusement-park experience, including sound, images, sculpture and interactivity. A large recycling center in orange and black, it deals with the topics of waste and consumer society. With light and colorful esthetics, it entices the visitor to reflect on the issues of sustainability and over-consumption, which affect us all.

The amusement park’s ability to induce excitement, pleasure and horror has inspired artists for many years. Artists have also used discards and scraps for more than 100 years, for example within Cubism and Pop Art. Valueless remnants of mass consumption are transformed into art, giving waste a whole new value and meaning. That some people consider modern art to be junk makes it that much more provocative.

About the artists

Sebastian Mügge (born 1981) and Christoph Mügge (born 1983) are Swedish-German brothers. Sebastian graduated from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts in 2011 and Christoph studied at Düsseldorf´s Academy of Arts, where he graduated in 2013. Both work on a large-scale and within several disciplines. Their strong visual expression is based on the repetition of materials. Issues such as identity, power and conflict as they affect our everyday lives are investigated and become exciting and dynamic images.

Read more about the artists on their websites. sebastianmuegge.comexternal link och christophmuegge.comexternal link

19 May 2017

27 August 2017


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